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Complete Automation Package -Selenium - Jmeter - SoapUI

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Complete Automation Package Selenium Jmeter SoapUI

Complete Automation Package -Selenium - Jmeter - SoapUI

What Will I Learn?

Course is giving complete coverage in Selenium, Jmeter and SoapUI designed in such a way that after completing this course user can start work on real time projects of Soap & REST Services
On course completion You will be expert in functional automation using Selenium, service automation using SoapUI and can implement Successfully it in your work place or will surely land on High Paying Job

Curriculum For This Course
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136 Lectures
Jmeter Basics
Jmeter Introduction
Jmeter Setup
Jmeter Recording : Badboy Setup
Recording in Jmeter using Badboy
First Test case in jmeter
Recording in Jmeter
Jmeter Basic Operations
Jmeter Work Architecture
3 Lectures 22:15
Logic Controller
9 Lectures 37:39
Timers in Jmeter
3 Lectures 11:23
Config Elements
6 Lectures 24:29
4 Lectures 16:42
7 Lectures 29:50
Project Case Study
3 Lectures 32:07
Debugging in Jmeter
1 Lecture 06:40
BeanShell Scripting
6 Lectures 01:34:58
Advance Jmeter
7 Lectures 39:17
Jump into SoapUI :: Basics
6 Lectures 20:43
Properties in SoapUI
8 Lectures 37:25
Test steps
6 Lectures 21:48
Parameterization / Data Driven Test Case
6 Lectures 54:19
4 Lectures 15:04
Groovy Programming - Basic to Advance
22 Lectures 03:34:36
SoapUI Advance Concepts
3 Lectures 30:29
Service Mocking
2 Lectures 29:20
SoapUI : Working with database
7 Lectures 01:04:17
SoapUI : Deep Diving into Advance concepts
11 Lectures 01:44:12
Selenium with Java
5 Lectures 35:29

User need machine with Windows OS
Machine should be configured with latest Java
User need to download and setup SoapUI free and paid version


The unique course on web which cover performance automation using Jmeter, Services automation using SoapUI and functional automation using Selenium

Course include many advance topics in Jmeter like Jmeter Plugins, Java programming in Jmeter, Performance monitoring etc.

SoapUI section include many unique topics which you will not found anywhere on web like

XQuery Assertion
MessageExchange Object
XML Holder
Certification preparation
HTML Monitoring
JSON Parser
Integration with ANT and Jenkins
TestRunner object
Handling CData
Xpath Assertion

On course completion You will be Expert in SOAP/ REST API Testing and can implement Successfully it in your work place Also you will be in the position to automation realtime functional and performance scenario using Selenium and Jmeter

Course is designed in such a way that the user does not required to have any prior understanding any programming langiuage

By the End of this Course you will able to understand the webservices specifications and write all kind of effective Manual and Automation testcases (Functional/Security/Data Base Testcases) to test them in Soap ui by using different feauteres available on Tool
Who is the target audience?

Manual testers who want to jump into automation
Software testers looking for job change

1) Join the Files with Free Splitter v5 if extension ends with chunk00
2)Save the file as a .rar extension
3) Extract the archives with Winrar 5 with password
Password: Golden_Plaza
Complete Automation Package Selenium Jmeter SoapUI

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